Professional Dynamism

A sound coordination between experience and qualification has brought authentic professional dynamism in each level of WCRCL organ.

Teamwork in Assignment

WCRCL Modus Operandi patrons excellent teamwork efforts in each and every assignment.


A well-structured code of conduct in line with the code of conduct guidelines of SEC and IOSCO ensures the highest level of integrity of overall rating process and operations at WCRCL.

Confidentiality of Information

WCRCL maintains absolute confidentiality of information according to the materiality level of information provided by the clients.


WCRCL methodology for assigning credit assessments are rigorous, systematic, and subject to validation based on historical experience. To ensure proper assessment, WCRCL continuously develops its systematic rating methodology.

About Us

WASO Credit Rating Company (BD) Ltd. (“WCRCL”) was incorporated as a public limited company under the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in July of 2009. With the license from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of Bangladesh to operate as a credit rating company, WCRCL has officially started its journey on 15th February, 2012. It has also been recognized as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) by Central Bank of Bangladesh in October of 2012. WCRCL is independent and transparent in its operations and eligible to rate Banks and FIs, PSEs, Insurance, Corporate and Debt Instruments. The WCRCL team is formed with experienced professionals and specialists from different disciplines with the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

WASO Credit Rating Company (BD) Ltd. has executed an agreement for foreign partnership with Financial Intelligence Services Ltd (FISL). Through this partnership with FISL, WCRCL has created bondage with the global resources hub, thus being able to provide the best judged opinion through rating services to the nation.


Our vision

To uphold the national image in line with global risk management practices through unbiased, reliable and independent rating opinion for better financial management in the corporate and financial sector of the country.

Our mission

1. To provide our clients with complete, accurate, detailed and transparent credit rating opinion, in order to enable them to make sound investment and lending decisions.
2. To promote data transparency, encourage corporate transparency and ensure corporate governance.
3. To provide global risk analysis tools required to make sound decisions in lending and investment.
4. To create awareness on global risk management practices in the field of credit risk management on a national level.

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